Work like a Patron Day

Brian Herzog, the Swiss Army Librarian, has declared tomorrow, October 15, to be Work like a Patron Day, when librarians use the same facilities and tools as patrons.  Even the same entrance!  It’s a good idea, and several other bloggers have picked up on it.

Jessamyn, the rarin’ librarian, has pointed out the similarity to Ryan Deschamp’s ideas for zero-tech library 2.0 no-brainers, an excellent post which emphasizes the idea that Library 2.0 is about openness and change, rather than just about particular web tools.  And while I was looking at Ryan’s post, I noticed that WordPress had automatically generated some "possibly related posts", one of which was Jono’s These Things I Believe, a set of principles for user interface design which deserve to be nailed to the door of every library web site.

To cap off this festival of patron love, the current issue of OCLC Abstracts mentions an article on "Perkonomics" from  I don’t think I’m trendy enough to precisely describe Perkonomics, but it definitely includes a focus on the patron.  It’s useful to see what organizations other than libraries have done to provide perks for patrons.

I think the "killer app" for Library 2.0, the sine qua non of patron focus, the Tower of Pisa, is ease of use.  Brian Herzog deserves a kudos, or ice cream, or chocolate, for springing loose the idea and turning it into blueprint for action.

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